Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning: Things To Remember When Using A Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning

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Everyone loves to spend time and effort decorating their places with new trends. Decorating the home is an art; the right decorative items and proper planning make it easy. In the last decade, Himalayan salt lamps have been trending in interior design because of their oh-so-amazing look and beautiful color. Nowadays every other home has these lamps made with natural pink Himalayan salt to enhance the esthetics of the whole decor.

Just having these lamps in your home is not enough, you need to take their proper care. Some people do ask, are salt lamps dangerous? The answer is not. These lamps are completely natural and safe to use. You just need to take some safety measures to use them without any mishap.

This article is all about Himalayan salt lamp warning and the tips to safely use them at home or anywhere you want and enjoy their timeless beauty.

How To Use Salt Lamps Safely?

There are certain things that you need to remember when gracing your home and office with these salt lamps. Using Himalayan salt lamps safely just requires a little thought and effort. Here are a few tips you need to follow when using a salt lamp for your place:

Check For Switch And Dimmer

Electrical products always need attention and salt lamps are one of them. Before purchasing a salt lamp, make sure to check if the bulb and dimmer switch are working properly. You always need to get the authentic salt lamp that is UL certified which means the dimmer and wire are secure.

Before switching on the lamp make sure the wire is not loose and the plug perfectly fits in the socket or outlet. Also, check the bulb isn’t touching the walls of the salt lamp. If the wiring or dimmer switch is defective or damaged, it can overheat the lamp and cause a fire.

Place At A Safe Place

Consider the safety of your kids when placing the salt lamps in your home. Salt lamps are very heavy in weight varying from 2 to 40 kg which can pose a falling hazard. So, place these lamps away from the reach of children under 10. Also, don’t place them in the play area of children as you would never want a heavy salt lamp to fall on them and cause any injury.

salt lamp leaking

Safety For Pets

You also need to ensure the safety of your pets. A salt lamp is a big chunk of rock salt that your pets can lick. Though salt is good for some pets but in a little quantity. Over eating of salt can cause salt poisoning in pets which can lead to serious health issues.

A slight licking of salt is not dangerous but excess licking can make your dogs or cats addicted to salt which can lead to salt toxicity. The salt toxicity can cause several health problems like vomiting, pain, seizures, and in extreme cases death.

Pets love to jump from here and there, that is why it is dangerous to place rock salt lamps within their reach. Especially cats love to jump over tables so they can make the lamps fall off. To avoid this, you should place these lamps in areas that are not accessible to pets.

Protect From Humidity

If you have this lamp in your home then you must have experienced some leaking or sweating. This happens because of the hygroscopic nature of the lamp. A salt lamp absorbs the moisture from its surroundings. If your place is humid then the lamp will absorb more moisture which can get collected and cause leaking. You need to take some safety measures to prevent or stop salt lamp leaking.

  1. Make sure to keep the lamp on for 5 to 10 hours daily to prevent water from accumulating.
  2. Never place your salt lamp outdoors or in a damp room such as the bathroom.
  3. Using a high-watt bulb can evaporate the water faster.
  4. Use moisture absorbers near the lamp.
  5. Leave the lamp on with proper care.
  6. Regularly clean the surface of the lamp with a microfiber cloth.
  7. If you see any leaking, immediately place it in a dry place.

Keep Salt Lamps Away From Water

Never immerse these lamps in water as you won’t want them to melt away leaving wet salt. Water can also cause electrical hazards and fuse the bulb. Cleaning a Himalayan salt lamp is way simpler than you may think. All you need to do is clean this lamp with a microfiber cloth regularly and keep it dry.

Avoid Corrosion

The Himalayan salt lamps can leak due to trapped moisture which can spoil the surface of tables and shelves. Due to extreme dryness in the environment, salt lamps may crumble. Salt lamp crumbling can also damage the furniture.

For this, place a mat or coaster under the salt lamps. Do not place lamps on electronics, or wooden furniture because if you do not notice, the leaked moisture can damage or corrode them.

Leave Them On With Care

You can leave your Himalayan pink salt lamp on for as long as you want but after ensuring that it meets all the safety checks. Due to its calming light, many people like to leave it on while sleeping. These lamps are also perfect night lights. So, you can leave them on overnight after thoroughly checking their wiring and dimmer. It is recommended to leave the salt lamps on when you are around. Always off them before going out of the home.

In A Nut Shell

A little care of salt lamps and some precautionary measures not only increase their life span but also save you from any risk. So, follow all the above-mentioned salt lamp safety tips and enjoy the diverse benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps.

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