Himalayan Salt Crockery You Need For Your Kitchen

Himalayan Salt Crockery

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You all must be familiar with pink Himalayan salt if you like to use natural and pure things. Himalayan salt is a very good alternative to table salt for seasoning your meals and has become a part of many households around the globe. But do you know how versatile this salt is?

Due to its amazing crystalline structure, this salt is used for making many decorative items and kitchen tools. You will find different kinds of Himalayan salt culinary items in the market which are very useful and pretty to have in your kitchen. This salt crockery is a must-have in your kitchen for so many good reasons.

Himalayan Salt Crockery

Salt crockery can enhance the décor of your kitchen apart from helping with cooking and serving meals. Due to its fine structure and unique pink to light red color with orange hues, Himalayan salt crockery can be a great addition to your serve ware and cooking tools.

You will be awestruck by their beautiful shapes and uniqueness because they are made by hand carving Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan. All Himalayan salt crockery is made with rock salt that is million years old due to which each piece is unique in color and shape.

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Types Of Himalayan Salt Crockery

Let’s see what kinds of Himalayan salt crockery items are available and how you can use them in different ways to create magic with your cooking and serving dishes.

Salt Bowl

For creating an artful presentation on your dinner table use Himalayan salt bowls or salad bowls. Round-shaped salt bowls are best for presenting vegetable or fruit salads. This salt bowl is of perfect size and can hold a proper quantity of salad for those who take it as a main meal. You can also serve chocolate or cream in these bowls.

These salt bowls are easy to hold and easy to place on any surface because of their flat bottom. When you put any food into these bowls, the natural saltiness of Himalayan salt gets infused in it.

Shot Glasses

Here we have Himalayan salt shot glasses to grace your glasses collection. These are different from normal shot glasses because of their 100% natural material. Pour your drink into these shot glasses and enjoy along with infused natural saltiness from the salt glass. These salt shot glasses can go with every type of drink from martinis to tequila to cocktails and juices.

Their eye-catching color and small size make them perfect for tequila and martinis. These shot glasses are a must-have if you are planning a party.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

These extremely gorgeous Himalayan salt plates are great for simultaneously cooking and serving your favorite dishes. These blocks are very functional in many ways. You can use them as cooking stones to cook and grill meat, veggies, and seafood. These cooking blocks are perfect for outdoor grilling. Cooking on salt blocks help sear and flavor your food to produce amazing results.

You can also use them as a cutting board and serving platter. Due to their incredible tendency to tolerate high and low temperatures, these blocks can be used to serve both hot and cold food items.

Cooking on these blocks can take the dishes to another level. Himalayan salt can bring out the original flavor of different foods.

Himalayan Salt Serving Plate

These plates are made by flattening the blocks of Himalayan salt with slightly curved edges. You can use them for serving a variety of hot and cold dishes. The salt plates can also withstand high and low temperatures which is why they can be ideal serving platters.

Every plate is unique in color, shape, and fissures because these serving plates or blocks are 100% natural and made by hand carving large salt blocks. It is normal for a salt plate to have rough patches or depressions which adds to its uniqueness.

You can serve hot steaks, appetizers, veggies, or seafood on these serving plates. The Himalayan salt plate can be used to serve ice cream, sorbets, cheese, fruits, or salad. For keeping your desserts chilled, you need to put this salt plate in the freezer before using it for serving.

Himalayan Salt Mortar And Pestle

This beautiful Himalayan salt mortar and pestle can be a quite useful kitchen tool. From crushing spices and salt to grinding mint and herbs for making delicious chutneys and pesto, this mortar pestle can be your perfect cooking partner.

Electronic grinders may give you fine results but reduce the true flavor of the spices and herbs. When you manually crush spices in the mortar, the flavor of spices comes out very nicely.

This mortar and pestle add natural saltiness and amazing texture to the spices and herbs. It also looks so gorgeous in the kitchen due to its shape and color.

Care Tips For Himalayan Salt Crockery

To make your crockery last for a long time, you need to take care of it. Just simple cleaning tips and tricks can save your salt crockery from damage.

  1. First of all, keep in mind to never wash your Himalayan salt crockery with dishwashing cleaner or any detergent. Due to the antibacterial nature of Himalayan salt, the crockery does not need much cleaning.
  2. Do not leave your salt crockery in standing water otherwise, the salt will melt away leaving nothing behind. You just need to put the crockery under tap water and remove the food residues with the help of a soft brush or scrubber. Then, wipe off the crockery with a paper towel and let them air dry in a cold and dry place.
  3. Never put your salt block in the cool oven, as it may cause damage to it. Always heat it on the stove or grill and then place it in a preheated oven. Gradual heating of the salt block can make it stronger and increase its lifespan.
  4. Do not panic if you notice a change in the color or texture of your salt block or bowl since it is completely normal. These are all made with rock salt and will wear away after some time. Cooking on these blocks can leave a brownish color on them after use.

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