Himalayan Salt Brick Uses and Benefits

Himalayan salt brick

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From its source at the foothills of the Himalayas, pink Himalayan rock salt has become a versatile resource in many households around the world. This is being used as edible salt to season your meals, as salt lamps to light up your place, as a bath salt to refresh your skin, as saltwater to detox your body, and as mineral lick salt to satiate the salt cravings of your animals. All of these uses are due to the incredible benefits that Himalayan salt holds for us.

If you have ever been to a salt room or a spa, then you must have seen beautiful walls of pinkish-orange color. The salt room is made with Himalayan salt bricks. Yes, you heard it right, Himalayan salt also comes in the form of different sized bricks or blocks that are used to construct the salt rooms and salt walls in many spas around you.

We will see in this article, what are salt bricks, and why are they used to make salt rooms and salt walls?

Himalayan Salt Bricks

These unique bricks are entirely made up of pink Himalayan salt which is only found in the areas near the Himalayas in the northern region of Pakistan. Large blocks of Himalayan salt are cut and shaped into small blocks that are polished to make bricks of different sizes.

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Salt bricks come in different color variations ranging from pink to orange to red. All these shades make these salt bricks even more attractive to be a part of the décor of your place.

Versatile Uses Of Himalayan Salt Brick

Due to the vast changing trends in the home décor and construction, people keep on looking for unique ideas to make their places more modern and appealing. Himalayan salt bricks are for people who want to create an impact with their décor.

These bricks are extremely useful for constructing salt caves and salt rooms. These are exclusively designed to build walls and floors in your home, office, and spas.

Incredible Benefits Of Salt Bricks

The advantages of Himalayan salt bricks are not just limited to decorating your place but improving your health with their ionizing properties and purity. Let’s look at some of the main benefits below:

Unique Décor Idea

These eye-catching salt bricks are the latest building material for constructing salt walls anywhere in homes, offices, and restaurants. You can install these salt brick walls in your place to enhance the aesthetic feel. The attractive shades of these walls lift the whole décor of the place.

Salt Room Therapy

It is a natural way to relax and calm your mind and body by inhaling salt particles. The salt room is made with Himalayan salt bricks so the negative ions released by salt particles purify the air and improve lung and breathing activity. It feels nice to sit in a warm salt room, particularly during cold and flu season.

Healthy Breathing

Himalayan rock salt brick rooms promote healthy breathing by eliminating all the odor-causing bacteria and dust. It can also relieve short breathing and smoking issues.

Safety From Positive Ions

Himalayan rock salt is hygroscopic and said to emit negative ions in the surroundings. As the bricks are made with pure Himalayan pink salt that’s why they also release negatively charged ions into the atmosphere.

These ions are believed to eliminate the toxicity of the positive ions that emit from electronics. These ions also reduce the effect of electromagnetic frequencies and make the environment clean. This is the main reason these bricks are used to make salt rooms.

Lasts For A Long Time

Barring any accidents, the Himalayan rock salt bricks can last for a long period. Himalayan salt in its crystalline form is more than 200-250 million years old. That is why the bricks are expected to last for decades if you take proper care.


Make A Statement With Himalayan Salt Brick Wall

Bricks made with Himalayan pink salt are the game-changer in the home décor industry. That is why many high-end professionals are adding walls made with these bricks to make a statement. Not only do these walls give a wow factor to any room but they also create a soothing ambiance around you.

Having a salt wall beside you could be soothing, relaxing, and calming for your mind as well. You can install a salt wall anywhere and create a statement with the décor instantly.

Himalayan Salt Room — Salt cave Featuring Salt Floors And Salt Walls

Salt caves are an ancient way to get salt therapy. In the olden days, people used to go to salt caves and breathe in salt air to overcome breathing issues. Nowadays, you can find salt caves and salt rooms easily in your surrounding areas. Many spas have these salt rooms to enhance their wellness profile.

The salt room is constructed with Himalayan salt bricks to provide Halotherapy which involves breathing salt particles dispersed in the air. There are claims that Halotherapy can help reduce the symptoms of many respiratory illnesses, such as seasonal allergies, colds, flu, asthma, and bronchitis.


How To Build A Salt Room?

Having your very own Himalayan salt room may sound weird but in reality, it is not. Who would not want to have their own salt room and enjoy a spa treatment at home anytime?

Well, there is no rocket science to make your salt room. You can even install a readymade pink Himalayan salt brick wall panel anywhere in your home or construct a salt room by using these bricks. Whenever you feel low and tired, you can experience the calming and relaxing atmosphere that the salt room will create at your place anytime.

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Bottom Line

Himalayan salt bricks are beneficial in terms of décor and wellness. Salt walls are the latest trend to amp up the décor of your place. In the form of salt rooms, these bricks lift the mood by releasing negative ions. So, get your Himalayan salt wall anywhere in your home and office, and enjoy its endless benefits.

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