Himalayan Rock Salt Products That You Need In Your Home

Himalayan rock salt products

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Who does not know about Himalayan salt? It is undoubtedly the most hyped type of salt these days. This is due to its availability in the form of different types of products that are entirely made up of 100% natural Himalayan rock salt. This salt is achieved through mining hundreds of years old salt deposits, found in Pakistan.

Its uniqueness lies in its signature color and amazing properties. This salt is bestowed on us by nature so that we can reap its maximum benefits. We are going to explain some of the most used Himalayan rock salt products in this article. So, let’s get started.

Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Unlike other salts, Himalayan salt uses are not just limited to seasoning your meals. It is hand mined in the form of large blocks that have a dense crystalline structure. Due to its structure, this salt is then carved into different products that enhance its functionality.

You must have seen many different products made up of Himalayan salt somewhere around you at least once. If not, then we are going to list down some of the trending salt products that you can easily find near you.

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Edible Rock Salt

The first and most essential use of this salt is for seasoning and cooking meals. We daily require salt in a limited amount to fulfill our need for sodium and when we get it in the purest form it doubles the benefits.

Himalayan edible salt is a better choice for use in cooking than regular white table salt. It is unprocessed and chemical-free salt that has many qualities associated with it. It helps in mineral absorption in the body and also improves digestion.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

Cooking food on salt? Yes, Himalayan salt blocks can be used for cooking various food items. Large flat plates or slabs of Himalayan salt are perfect for grilling, cooking, and searing meat, veggies, and seafood. These blocks work as grilling pans. The minerals of Himalayan salt get infused into the food while cooking and make it nutritious.

Himalayan salt blocks for cooking can also be used to serve hot food to your guests. You can even use salt blocks to serve cold food items such as ice-creams, sorbets, and fruit salads by keeping the blocks in the freezer for some time before serving. Their alluring pink color adds beauty to the presentation of the dishes.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Replace your normal shot glasses with these gorgeous Himalayan salt shot glasses to take your drinking game to another level. These glasses are highly recommended for cocktails, tequila shots, martinis, and many other drinks. The natural salt of these shot glasses will enhance the taste of your drinks. Their gorgeous light to dark pink color and small size is perfect for tequila shots.

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

Salt baths have been blessing our minds and bodies for ages. Ancient people used to put salt in their baths for its healing and therapeutic benefits. Many spas and wellness centers have started offering salt baths to customers. Due to increased awareness, people have started taking salt baths at home as well.

Pink Himalayan salt is liked by many for this purpose. It is the purest and unprocessed bath salt that is not harsh to the skin. Himalayan salt bath detoxifies the skin and removes all the toxins. A warm bath at the end of your day can relax your mind and body. Sleep with baby-like skin after immersing yourself in the Himalayan salt bath.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder and Lamps

This salt can also uplift the décor of your place in the form of Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders. Himalayan rock salt lamps are way better than ordinary lamps because of their pure nature. If you do not like harsh lights but want a subtle glow in your surroundings then these lamps are perfect for you. These lamps can be placed anywhere you like. Their mesmerizing color and glow are enough to elevate the décor of your home and office.

Just like salt lamps, the Himalayan salt candle holders are also used to decorate your place while holding the candles. Throw away conventional candle holders and buy the multifunctional salt candle holders. They are not only used to hold the candle but when the heat of the candle warms up the holder, it emits negative ions just like the salt lamp that purifies the atmosphere.

Himalayan Salt Neti Pot

It is a natural product used to clean your nasal cavity so that you can breathe easily. To use a neti pot, you need to fill it with a salt solution. You need to pour this solution using the tip of the neti pot in one nostril and let it come out of the other nostril.

This way, it will flush out all the dust, and pathogens and soothe your nasal cavity. The Himalayan salt neti pot is an effective method to ease congested and itchy noses.

Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxifier

Releasing all the toxins through your feet is the latest trend these days. People use detox solutions and pads for this purpose but these methods could be time taking. The easiest and most convenient way is to use a Himalayan salt foot detoxifier. You just need to switch on this salt detoxifier and place your feet on its warm surface and let it do the rest of the job.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan rock salt bricks or tiles have become popular among interior designers to give homes a unique and modern touch. These bricks are used for building salt walls in homes, offices, spas, and wellness centers and are also used to build salt rooms for salt therapies in spas and saunas. The beautiful color and durability of these salt bricks can add up to the décor of your place.

Himalayan Lick Salt

Himalayan salt is not just for human consumption, your farm animals can also consume this salt in the form of salt licks. Animals do not need an excessive amount of salt. They just need it to fulfill their salt craving. Many farm owners use salt licks to decrease the stress on animals and keep them active. It also helps to save them from licking fences or anything they find on the ground.

These salt licks are rich in trace minerals that fulfill animals’ mineral deficiencies. For animals who do not like to lick salt, Himalayan mineral salt is added to their feed in a limited quantity to satiate their salt needs.

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