Gluten Free Declaration
Gluten Free Declaration
Being the world-class processor and exporter of Himalayan Crystal Salt Products, we are committed to producing safe and legal products of the specified quality and managing product quality to meet our valued customers’ requirements.
The claims on our Himalayan Crystal Salt Products labels that they contain no gluten and meet a clear standard that assures consumers that our products are “gluten-free” are truthful and consistent.

We strictly follow the gluten-free labelling regulation which gives our consumers a standardised tool for managing their health and dietary intake especially those with coeliac disease, an auto-immune reaction to eating gluten.

We ensure that our product is a natural ingredient and by nature is free of gluten, it bears a “gluten-free” labelling claim and meets all FDA requirements for a gluten-free safe food product. We challenge all around the world/ globally for presenting ourselves any time anywhere for validation of our gluten-free declaration with the help of any scientifically validated analytical methods.

We are using a gluten-free label in a responsible manner and ensuring that the claim is accurate and not misleading, and are complying with all requirements established by the regulation and enforced by FDA.


  • ITC will provide awareness regarding Gluten to 50% of its employees up till December 2021.
  • ITC will provide guidance and motivation for dietary compliance to its workers. This will be achieved by providing education and disseminating information to the workers through printed and audiovisual materials.
  • ITC will advocate for legislative and non-legislative improvements in its product processing, labelling & marketing that provide greater access to gluten free safe food product.

Javed Ahmed Bhatti
Chief Executive

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