As a preventive measure, regarding the risk of the spread of COVID-19, Ittefaq Salt has put in place a contingency plan and implemented an emergency preparedness and response procedure.

In order to prevent and face any tragic situation, which may cause sickness or loss of lives, we have developed and implemented an emergency response plan to control any sort of disaster. This plan also delineates lines of authority and responsibility for emergency response.

Our emergency response planning team, which can contribute to stopping the spread of infection, has identified an educational module on Coronavirus. It has been completed by all operational staff and supplies such as hand sanitizers, soap and handheld thermometers have been secured.

All our employees are well aware about COVID-19 and have been advised to follow the advice and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) from time to time, on how they should plan for pandemics.

Ittefaq Salt’s contingency plan includes maintaining the safety and security of workers who are working in the factory. Information posters are currently being displayed across the factory. An Infection & Prevention Control Program already exists within the premises. It aims to minimize the spread of infection among staff and workers within the premises. Meanwhile, Ittefaq Salt, that maintains the contingency plan, is continuously monitoring the developments and has made preparations in case of infection escalation.

The staff of Ittefaq Salt had been advised not to travel to affected areas. The staff has also been trained about self-isolation and not to return to work if they are affected. Strong sanitary control procedures are in place and all buildings already have hand sanitizers.

Management of Ittefaq Salt is confident about all the necessary steps taken to ensure that the supply of Himalayan Pink Salt products can be maintained. Ittefaq Salt is also focused on the ongoing cleaning and sanitization regimes for the working area and building facility.


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