40 Years of Mining, Manufacturing, and Supplying Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Products

Leveraging the World with the Power of Salt

With unparalleled quality and authenticity, Ittefaq Salt ® is the leading Himalayan Salt manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium-quality salt products. Since 1983, our dedication to quality has allowed us to become the most trusted source of Himalayan rock salt products. With quality assurance and timely delivery, we have expanded our presence to over 80+ countries. We are reliable and trusted partners for over 400 businesses worldwide.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art salt products throughout the process, from mining to manufacturing and supply while remaining in compliance with international standards. As the leading Himalayan Salt Supplier, we are committed to providing the finest quality salt products at market competitive prices, whether you are a wholesaler, a supplier, or a brand. Take advantage of our high production capacity and bulk packaging options to enjoy premium quality Himalayan salt products. We offer integrated private labeling to our valued clients tailored to their target audience needs.

Himalayan Rock Salt

Exporter of Himalayan Salt

Edible Salt

Hand-mined Himalayan salt is the purest and unprocessed salt which contains 84 trace minerals.

Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt has healing & therapeutic properties. It detoxifies the body while providing minerals.

Lick Salt

Himalayan salt licks contain 84 minerals and are very beneficial for the health & growth of all animals.

Salt Lamps

Crafted from Himalayan rock salt, these lamps purify the air and beautify the place with their warm glow.

Salt Candle Holder

Handcrafted from Himalayan salt. Perfect to create an aesthetic environment by giving off subtle light.

Salt Culinary

Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. They offer many culinary uses & provide the benefits of pure salt.


Pure hand-carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create the perfect moment for you with their soothing warm glow.

Salt Tiles

Pure hand-carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create the perfect moment for you with their soothing warm glow.
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Ultimate Partner For Brands, Foodservice & Wholesale Businesses

With satisfied clients in over 80+ countries, you can trust us to meet your needs.

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Industries We Serve

Food Manufacturing

We are an authentic supplier of Himalayan salt in bulk to the food manufacturing industry worldwide.


Export Himalayan Salt to different industries that use it as an ingredient in the production of other products.

Food Service

Bulk Himalayan salt suppliers to the food service industry for mass food preparation and gourmet cooking.

Why Choose Us

Assured Quality

Skilled workers and state-of-the-art processing units have enabled us to implement International Quality Standards for providing premium Himalayan Salt products.

Minimum Lead Time

One of our key expertise is the timely shipments we promise our customers every time. We focus on enhancing customer satisfaction by decreasing the lead time.

Private Labelling

We offer GFSI integrated private labeling services to combine our Himalayan Salt Products under Customers’ Brand names for further industrial or retail applications.

Our History

Journey Began
khewra mine
Journey Began
The obsession with Himalayan Pink Salt first ignited after visiting the Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab Region of Pakistan.
Growing Reputation
Growing Reputation

The company initially set up to process high-quality salt for the local market and grow big enough to serve nationwide.

Global Market
Global Market

Expansion worked great and we started exporting Himalayan Pink Salt Products and introduced its
benefits to the world.

Global Exhibitions
Global Exhibitions
Global Exhibitions

To extend business further, we represented Pakistan as the only source of Himalayan Pink Salt by exhibiting in Europe, UK, and the USA.

Mining Process 250 Acers
Mining Process 250 Acers Kalabagh
Mining Process 250 Acers - Kalabagh

To bring this beneficial salt to the international market, we extended our operations of procuring premium pink salt by taking over our first mine in early 2008.

Best Performance
Best Performance
Best Performance

We did it, President of Pakistan took our notice and awarded us with the best performance award in Salt Industry.

Industrial Expansion
Industrial Expansion
Industrial Expansion

Our new factory became functional to increase the production capacity.

Extended Mining 250 Acers - Kalabagh
Extended Mining 250 Acers Kalabagh
Extended Mining 250 Acers - Kalabagh

To cater to the increasing demand of national and international customers, we took over our second mine in Kalabagh, the prime area of Pink Salt.

Extraordinary Partnerships
Extraordinary Partnerships
Extraordinary Partnerships
We partnered with the world’s leading brands to extend our business and increase our reach.
Quaidabad Mining 500 Acers - Dulewali
Quaidabad Mining 500 Acers Dulewali
Quaidabad Mining 500 Acers - Dulewali

We jointly acquired mining land in the Salt Range of Pakistan. The annual production capacity of this mining land is expected to reach 936,000 metric tons in the year 2023.

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