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We are miners, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Himalayan rock salt products

Ittefaq Salt, the authentic source of premium Himalayan rock salt products. Having been in the industry since 1983, we have expanded our presence to more than 60 different countries. The company currently serves more than 300 companies and our long list of satisfied customers is evidence of our success.

Ittefaq Salt, is the go to stop if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Himalayan rock salt. Whether you are an importer, a wholesaler or a brand, you can count on us to bring the best for you.

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Our story

Ittefaq Trading Co. was created in 1983, with the intention of spreading awareness of the many benefits of pure Himalayan salt granted by nature. Mr. Javed Ahmed Bhatti took advantage of this valuable initiative to share this concession of nature with humans.

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Skilled, efficient workers and state of the art processing unit, has allowed us to implement international quality control procedures for the manufacture of quality Himalayan salt products.

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One of our main specialties is to guarantee timely shipments that we always promise our customers.

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Our most competitive prices will allow you to achieve a visible commercial share in the salt sector.

Himalayan Salt

salt lamps wholesale


Himalayan salt extracted by hand is the purest and unprocessed salt and contains 84 trace minerals.


Salt candlestick can improve the ambience of any space by its warm glow, emitting healthy ions.


Himalayan bath salt has healing and therapeutic properties. It detoxifies the body while providing minerals

Edible Salt


Himalayan salt remained locked under the Himalayas for millions of years, protected.


Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. It offers many culinary uses and provides benefits of pure salt


Pure hand carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create perfect moment for you with its soft and smooth shine

Salt Tiles in bulk


Salt tiles, available in different cuts and colors, ideal construction material that can enhance any decor


Himalayan snacks contain 84 minerals and are very beneficial for the health and growth of all animals.


Salt Pipe is a drug-free and non-invasive way to enjoy salt therapy. Revitalizes the respiratory system

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We have served the salt industry since 1983

With satisfied customers in more than 60 countries, you can trust us to meet your needs.

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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan bulk salt suppliers

In today's world, finding a natural product that has not found any form of artificial adulteration is a challenge, if not impossible. We at Ittefaq Trading Co. are proud to recognize the pink salt of the Himalayas for being the priceless gift of nature that it really is. This multipurpose Himalayan rock salt miracle can be used for skin, beauty, health, general well-being and even as a healthy substitute for regular table salt in cooking.

That is why we intend to distribute the Himalayan salt in bulk with all its natural goodness, so that the maximum people can benefit from it. Our wholesale products like Himalayan salt lamps and exquisite candle holders are some of the hottest wellness trends; must-haves for a healthy lifestyle!

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Do we export Himalayan salt worldwide?

Ittefaq Trading Co. is proud to be one of the premium suppliers of Himalayan salt to more than 60 different countries. Himalayan salt comes from inside the mines of Khewra salt , in Pakistan, the only genuine source of salt near the foothills of the Himalayas. Our enchanting decorative salt lamps and candlesticks, sculpted through artisanal expertise by some of the best sculptors, can add just the right touch of good taste to your environment, while emitting their therapeutic glow.

With our impeccable standards of quality control and professionalism, we are the preferred exporters when it comes to Himalayan pink salt trade.

Stone Salt Makers

We are Himalayan Salt Maker

With the nutritional goodness of 84 elements and a state of unmatched purity, our Himalayan Pink Saltit is one of its types. To assess its rarity, we saved it from all kinds of artificial additives and machinery using manual mining as a means of extracting salt from its natural reserves - ancient marine deposits from billions of years ago.

Himalayan Pink Salt is highly praised by wellness experts, thanks to the provision of natural solutions for health problems such as respiratory congestion, allergies, headaches and depression, among many others.

We at Ittefaq Traders Co. have a strict control and balancing system to ensure that only the best quality products are manufactured and distributed in our hands.