Edible Sea Salt

At Ittefaq Salt, we provide Edible Sea Salt Products to elevate your culinary experiences. As a trusted Sea Salt Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer two exceptional varieties of Edible Sea Salt: Fine Sea Salt (Table Salt) and Coarse Sea Salt. We aim to bring you the finest sea salt that enhances the flavors of your favorite dishes with our commitment to quality and purity.

Fine Grain Sea Salt

Fine Grain Sea Salt (Table Salt)

Our Fine Grain Sea Salt (Table Salt) is filled with natural minerals and is delicate in texture which becomes the perfect addition to your kitchen essentials. We carefully hand harvest it from pristine salt farms to give its true essence for your culinary perfection. No matter whether you are seasoning a light salad or baking delightful treats, Table Salt adds a slight touch that enhances the natural taste of your ingredients.

  • It's delicate fine crystals can dissolve easily
  • It enhances the taste of several cuisines
  • It is a perfect ingredient for your baking and everyday seasoning

Coarse Grain Sea Salt

If you are looking for a crunchier texture, our Coarse grain Sea Salt would be the ideal choice. We harvest and process it carefully to preserve the natural essence of this culinary gem. The larger crystals of Coarse Sea Salt give it a more satisfying crunch ability. Ultimately it becomes a visually appealing and flavorful addition to every dish.

  • It's larger crystals make it visually appealing
  • It's perfect to add a satisfying crunch to any dish
  • Coarse Sea salt is an ideal choice for grilling, roasting, and finishing touches
Coarse Grain Sea Salt

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