Salt Room Construction Ultimate Guide

Are you a pro at construction? Simply craving a long-term health boost or looking to make money out of halo-therapy, the latest wellness trend sprouting up everywhere?

Well, a DIY salt room construction project is bound to give you the best of all worlds. Rejuvenating and pacifying, salt chambers are the ideal spot to help you respite and de-stress, simultaneously providing multiple healing and purification benefits.

Why Salt Rooms?

Designed for an amazingly soothing experience away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, salt rooms provide nourishing, health-boosting salt therapy, or halo-therapy, that’s basically you taking your wellness to a whole new level.

This dry salt therapy has become a widely embraced feature in salt spas today and comes with multitudinous health-boosting perks, with the salt acting as a natural purifying disinfectant.

The Himalayan salt used in this therapy releases negative ions that not only cleanse the room’s atmosphere, but also aid in loosening congestion, and recovery of skin conditions and respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.

Getting Started

For starters, unless you already excel at complex construction projects, be prudent about building your own salt chamber. Of course, plan out your budget at initiation, because the enhancements to these rooms are many, but so are the costs!

Read on though, ahead are great tips that you can prioritize to achieve your very own salt oasis for this amazing experience!

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Initial Considerations


This is a prime factor of consideration before you jump on to the actual construction part. Salt rooms are supposed to be calming, peaceful spaces, with a healthy nourishing environment, with the experience described by many users as if one is in a womb.’ Thus, keeping your budget in consideration, you need to choose your space carefully, away from noisy surroundings or chaotic environments.

You can also consider building your cozy salt chamber in an outbuilding, or converting it into a salt room. However, make sure the space is properly heated and ventilated.


Next, plan out your preferred design or style of the room. Are you going for the kind of rooms you’re used to normally, but with Himalayan salt bricks? Or would you prefer a more unique project, like replicating a salt cave?

If you’re going for the former, Himalayan salt bricks or even salt lamps should be on your buying list for the release of purifying, health-boosting and mood enhancing negative ions.

If you’re inclined to go for a unique cave replica, you can decide between relaxation salt caves that require no salt generators or more effective therapeutic salt caves that will require salt generators that can be programmed as per needs. Both designs are pretty common, but make sure to decide your preference first.


Often, people on a tight budget prefer small salt rooms with multiple enhancements. However, remain considerate of the number of people you want to accommodate while ensuring that your room isn’t too stuffy or uncomfortably small.

Raw Material

Your raw material here, of course, will be Himalayan salt tiles. However, remember to use a high-grade premium quality salt, the best your budget can afford. Selling low-quality Himalayan salt in premium packaging has become a norm, unfortunately, so beware of fake vendors out there.

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Other Considerations


Salt rooms are usually neither too bright nor uncomfortably dark and vision-impairing. Consider using pink Himalayan salt lamps to light up your room appropriately while reaping health benefits at the same time through these health-boosting lamps. Try illuminating your salt bricks and tiles which will also enhance the release of negative ions.

Salt Concentration

Keep in mind this rule of thumb, the higher the salt concentration, the more the health benefits. More salt means more negative ions in the atmosphere, which is excellent for health. However, unless you own mine for yourself, your material isn’t coming free, hence budgeting your costs becomes necessary here.

Further Enhancements

Salt Infrastructure

Are you aiming for a major health boost? Depending upon your budget, you can consider adding a salt-encrusted ceiling, including salt walls, salt panels with Himalayan salt tiles and Himalayan salt lamps. And if you want, even more, loose salt on the floor is not a bad idea too!

Halo Generators

Aiming for a professional look that rivals the professional salt chambers and salt cave spas? Consider adding a halo generator to propel fine salt particles in the room and make the environment perfect for meditation.

Salt Décor          

Air cleansing salt ornaments made from the beautiful pink Himalayan salt would not only look aesthetic but also act as further health boosters and neutralize the atmosphere of your chamber. Consider Himalayan salt accessories such as Bath salt jars, candle holders or simply little aesthetic salt bowls to add to the room’s décor.


If you feel you need music in your room to unwind, consider keeping your speakers under a covered trunk or behind a protective layer or installing non-erosive speakers while keeping your sound system in a different room to avoid corrosion.

Additional Tips

Remember: Special Room, Special Furnishings

Exercise special care for your special room! Normal furniture will be corroded by the salt, thus commonly preferred furnishings used in such salty environments are non-corrosive, including salt chairs and tables, and salt tiles, panels, walls, and floors.

Keep Electronics At Bay!

The emission of positive ions from electronic screens and devices is harmful to health, and these devices will only defeat the purpose of your project. Keep them in covered bins, or away from the room altogether.

Seek Professional Consultation

For DIY projects like this one, a special level of care is required. With a large number of salt cave construction, contractors sprouting up, consider seeking professional consulting or hiring a contractor for further guidance and specifications.

Lastly, good luck with your venture! Remember, the long-term perks and pacification are worth your commitment of a few weeks to this project. Plus, the self-satisfaction of seeing what you envisioned, in front of you that’s something we’re short of words for!

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