Where Can You Place Your Salt Lamp?

Why do you want to restrict yourself to a particular area, when your salt lamp functions as a magical masterpiece and can do wonders wherever you choose to place it? When deciding where to put a salt lamp, you keep one thing in mind; in which area do you spend maximum time? To be entirely benefited by a salt lamp, you need to place it somewhere near you.

If you wish to enjoy the beauty of nature and want the air quality around you improved, a salt lamp in your vicinity would be helpful. Still wondering where to place your beautifully handcrafted salt lamp, below are few suggestions for the placement of a salt lamp.

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Your bedroom is probably the place where you spend most of your time.  Placement of a salt lamp in a bedroom is a pretty good idea, you can place it on your bedside table to have a great source of a natural air purifier. Placing this besides you may benefit you in numerous ways. When lit, it emits negative ions which will destroy the air pollutants and allergens. As a result, you will feel surrounded by fresh air and feel calm and relaxed.

The exclusive Himalayan salt lamp serves as a gorgeous night light. Its soft amber radiance lights up the dark hours of the night with mesmerizing orange, yellow glow. The lamp is completely safe to be kept on throughout the night. People, who have placed these lamps in their bedrooms, give feedback on better sleeping patterns and snoring less.

Children’s Room

Another ideal spot for placing a Himalayan salt lamp is your child’s room. Your child will surely be fascinated with the glow of the lamp. It has a subtle shine, which is not too bright and easily sets children off to sleep. Himalayan salt lamps help in sound slumber. They function as natural ionizers and negate the negative effects of the atmosphere. You can feel breathing fresh air.

If your child is prone to any allergies or breathing problems, a salt lamp on their side table would ease their sleeping habits. When lit, a salt lamp is not hot externally; therefore, it is safe to be kept near the reach of children.


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Living Area

This is the place where you have your family time. You watch television together, have lunch or dinner and have long conversations with family or guests. Placing a salt lamp on the mantle or on a table top next to the couch can create a warm ambiance. It may combat the effects of electromagnetic radiation caused due to the usage of electrical appliances. You may feel inhaling clean and fresh air, free of all pollutants.

As the living area is usually big, when compared to other rooms, therefore placing more than one salt lamp will aid more to a clean environment. People visiting your house will feel a clear difference on entering your house, due to the vibes of purified air.

Work Station

You call your workstation your second home. This is because you spend long hours of the day in your office. It is a place where there is a lot of contribution of positive ions, which pollute your surrounding air.

Electromagnetic radiation has adverse effects on one’s health; therefore placing a salt lamp may prove to be beneficial. It functions as an ionizer and neutralizes these harmful effects.

A salt lamp on your desktop may improve your work proficiency. You may notice an improvement in mood and concentration span. Salt lamps are also known to reduce the effects of monitor radiation which are a cause of headaches and lethargy.

Massage Rooms and Spas

Stress, strain, and fatigue become the factors of going for a massage or to a spa Centre. You can place Himalayan rock salt lamps in your lobby area or in the treatment rooms to give your customers a rejuvenating experience. Your clients will feel a clear difference, the moment they enter the treatment rooms from the outside polluted air to a purified and fresh environment.

These lamps will create a wonderful ambience for the customers. Their soft glow will induce feelings of tranquility and calmness during your massaging procedure. You will feel surrounded by quality air and a serene environment to relax and repose.

Restaurants and Hotels

Placing a salt lamp in the waiting area of your restaurant or hotel will add a welcoming touch to your space. The guests visiting will be mesmerized by the luminous lamp, gleaming in a soft amber glow. It emits peaceful vibes due to its glowing presence. Its crystalline soothing glow makes the area a comfortable abode.

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, you can place your salt lamp in hospitals’ lobby, beauty salons, healthcare unit’s waiting rooms and other commercial spaces. Salt lamps are safe, cost-effective and most important of all these are environment-friendly.

Your salt lamp can be kept on as long as you want. These do not have any side effects; instead, they may prove to be beneficial for your well-being. Aside from a number of ways to use your salt lamp, the best position and place in your bedroom & spas.


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