Salt Culinary

Salt Crockery

This exotic Salt Culinary is crafted from Himalayan Rock Salt. It includes Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Morter & Pestle, Salt Salad Bowls, and Salt Serving Plates.

Salt Plates

Himalayan Salt Cooking, Grilling & Serving Plates are made with pure Himalayan Rock Salt. These Salt Plates are available in different shapes and sizes.

Salt Culinary

Himalayan Salt Culinary

Ittefaq Salt ® offers an exclusive range of Himalayan salt crockery that includes Cooking and grilling salt plates, shot glasses, salad bowls, mortar & pestle, and serving dishes. All these products are made with natural Himalayan salt obtained from salt mines located in Pakistan. Experienced workers hand-carved all the Himalayan salt crockery using modern techniques.

Mineral-rich Himalayan salt block for grilling is a unique and creative cooking tool for grilling, chilling, and serving a variety of foods. Also, serveware such as salt glasses, bowls, and plates are an impressive and creative way of presenting food.

Himalayan Salt Crockery Wholesale

Ittefaq Salt ® is a trustworthy Himalayan salt exporter that has a huge global presence. We deliver premium quality Himalayan Pink Salt products to our customers in 80+ countries worldwide.

We wholesale Himalayan pink salt culinary products at the best prices. Our Himalayan Salt Crockery is one of a kind. Every piece is unique in color and shape. We produce only the best quality salt crockery by following high-quality standards.

Himalayan Salt Crockery Wholesale

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