7 преимуществ приготовления пищи на блоках гималайской соли

Преимущества приготовления пищи на блоках гималайской соли

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Если вы не жили под скалой, вы наверняка слышали о гималайской соли .! Это последняя тенденция в здоровом питании, но ее использование не ограничивается только приправой. Лампы из гималайской соли служат украшением и терапией, а скрабы из гималайской соли отлично подходят для кожи.

Точно так же блоки или тарелки из гималайской соли используются для подачи еды и даже в качестве замены кастрюль для приготовления пищи. Приготовление пищи на соляном блоке не только придает вашим блюдам аромат, но и обеспечивает питательную ценность благодаря содержанию в нем минералов. Этот блок также называют приготовление на гриле и сервировка соляных тарелок .

Гималайская розовая соль родом из пакистанских соляных шахт Хевра.. Она считается самой чистой солью в мире из-за того, что ее древние морские отложения покрыты вулканической лавой, защищающей ее от всех примесей. Она быстро заменяет обычную поваренную соль в качестве основного пищевого ингредиента благодаря множеству преимуществ для здоровья, которые она может предложить.

Если вам посчастливилось владеть целым блоком этой чудо-соли, вы можете использовать ее для приготовления пищи или приготовления на гриле и наслаждаться вкусом, а также некоторыми преимуществами для здоровья.

Вот что может дать вам приготовление пищи на блоке из гималайской соли:


Himalayan salt is considered very nutritious. When you cook or fry food on a block of Himalayan salt, it is obvious that the contents of the block will seep into your food.

This is a big plus, since salt combines all the virtues of its 84 constituent elements, many of which are trace elements . essential for health. This makes the salt block versatile and will serve as a pot and nourish your food!

Safe material for your food

Commonly used materials for food preparation and storage, such as aluminum and plastic, are considered by many to be unhealthy. There have been suggestions that aluminum utensils cause Alzheimer’s disease due to leaching of the material from food.

It has also been associated with the occurrence of certain diseases in the past. While the evidence is lacking, you can always opt for an all-natural and safe option like a Himalayan salt block with all the added health benefits it has to offer!

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Energy Booster

Himalayan rock salt , due to its ancient origin, is said to contain high potential energy, which it has absorbed from the Sun and Earth. Many claim to feel energized after taking salt. You can also boost your energy levels by consuming traces of this gift of nature by making blocks of Pink Himalayan Salt .


Food presentation is an art that enhances the aesthetics of a dish. Top restaurants around the world use Himalayan salt serving bowls. Pink Himalayan salt has a pinkish-orange hue, which makes these salt blocks even more attractive.

These beautifully colored salt blocks can make your food look presentable when served on top of them. The best thing about these blocks is their ability to withstand low and high temperatures. These blocks can be used to serve food immediately after cooking. For cold dishes, be sure to chill these blocks in the refrigerator before serving.


Himalayan rock salt is often used as a seasoning for food for a refined taste. You can skip this step if you are already cooking on a salt block, as the salt will flavor your food without overpowering it. Enjoy juicy grilled steaks that your taste buds will love!

Start by heating slowly, then gradually increase the temperature. Himalayan pink salt blocks can be used both on the stovetop and on the grill.

Also, you can avoid using table salt if you cook with blocks of Himalayan salt. Overly refined salt treated with bleach is bad for you anyway!

Effect on pH balance

Himalayan crystal salt has a lower sodium content than regular table salt. This salt helps to maintain the required ph of the body. When you cook food on these salt blocks, the pH level of the food does not change either.

Natural and pure salt

Cooking on blocks of Himalayan salt can bring many other health benefits. . Many claim that salt can improve circulation, support respiratory function, and control blood sugar, among other things.

It’s not easy to find something as pure as Himalayan pink salt in today’s era of over-refining and artificially processing everything we come across. While refining is beneficial to some extent, rigorous processing can also wash away all of the beneficial nutrients.

With pink salt , you have nothing to worry about. It is hand mined and comes to you in its most natural form so you can make the most of the benefits it has to offer.

Now that you know the benefits of using a Himalayan salt bowl to prepare and serve your meals, try it out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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