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Roze Himalaya Zout Neti Pot

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Catching a cold is one of the most common infections that also spreads quickly. If your roommate has it, it won’t take long for you to have it too, unless you have a highly efficient and extremely strong immune system.

As a person who often falls victim to infections and allergies, dealing with these allergies can become very frustrating and exhausting. If you are such a person, it’s time to buy a Neti Pot.

Pink Himalayan Salt Neti Pot

The benefits of a Neti Pot are unlimited. You will see every other person sneezing, coughing, sniffling and walking around with a heavy head, runny nose and watery eyes throughout the winter season or when the season changes.

Antibiotics are usually taken to get the sinus and nasal infections under control, but treating these infections with home remedies is usually preferred and yes, these remedies do work.

Himalayan Salt in Neti Pot is one way to treat and get rid of these infections. This is a very easy, affordable and effective remedy to deal with allergies and infections of the nose and sinuses. These infections and allergies can be quite frustrating at times, but now you have a great solution for dealing with these seasonal frets.

How does a Neti Pot work?

For those new to the concept of a Neti Pot, it’s a pot that looks like a mini version of Aladin’s Lamp where Genie used to live. However, this jar does not have a Genie in it, but has a solution mainly consisting of Himalayan pink salt .

The basic concept is to fill the jar with a solution of Himalayan salt crystals and pass this solution through your sinus passages, making sure it reaches every nook and corner and your sinus cavity is adequately hydrated.

This treatment will usually give you relief from all those itchy and irritating sensations in your sinuses and nasal passages that we experience after a cold.

If you are wondering where to find this magic pot, then don’t worry as you can easily get it at any medical store or supermarket. Neti Pots come in different types, if you want a nice one you can go for a ceramic one, otherwise you can also use a plastic one.

Can I use Himalayan Salt for Neti Pot?

Yes, that’s possible. Normally any saline solution can be used. Due to the benefits of Neti pot for allergies, it pairs well with Himalayan rock salt , as this salt is known to have very soothing effects on nasal and sinus allergies.

People sometimes buy saline rinse solutions that are available in stores in pre-measured packets, but they are quite expensive and so it is recommended that you make your saline rinse solution preferably with natural Himalayan salt . It will also be cheap and effective.

Another tip that will come in handy is using clean water because you have to pass it through your nasal and sinus passages, so it needs to be clean. Use only boiled or filtered water to make a saline solution.

The benefits of Neti pot only come into effect if you use it properly and use a good and effective saline solution. Now to prepare the saline solution you can follow the following simple steps.

How To Make A Himalayan Salt Solution For Neti Pot?

To get the maximum benefits from a Neti Pot , you need to come up with a good solution. To do this, first take 8 oz. of filtered or boiled water. Make sure the water is slightly warm. Now add 1/4 tsp of pink rock salt crystals in it and mix well. Put this pink salt solution in a Neti pot.

Pink Himalayan salt is one of the finest salts of all and is largely free of contaminants. It also has many health benefits and contains so many essential minerals. All these minerals make it a good option to use in Neti pot.

How To Use Neti Pot?

If you want to maximize the health benefits of Neti pot then using it properly is essential. It’s not rocket science and is quite simple. Hold the Neti pot in your hand and lean forward slightly over the sink. Tilt your head slightly and make sure your forehead and chin are level.

Hold the Neti Pot high, up to your face, and tilt the spout so that it touches your nostrils. Gently pour the Himalayan salt solution into your nostril and let it flow from your upper nostril to your lower nostril. During this time, breathe only through the mouth.

Just when you have passed through the entire solution of Himalayan salt, exhale into the sink, avoiding to pinch your nostrils in the process. Repeat this process by refilling the Neti Pot starting from the other nostril this time.

Benefits of Using a Neti Pot

There are many benefits to using a Neti Pot. Let’s look at some Neti pot benefits to understand its importance in a much better way.

  • One of the main health benefits of Neti pot is that it clears congested sinuses.
  • Neti pot benefits for allergies are also quite great and effective. Using a Neti Pot helps get rid of allergy symptoms.
  • It also provides relief from cold symptoms.
  • The benefits of Neti Pot even extend to treating nasal infections other than sinus infections.

There are many more benefits to using a Neti Pot other than those mentioned above, which range from infections to allergies. Neti Pot is simply amazing, what do you think of this magical object?

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