Verloopt Himalayazout? Enkele veelvoorkomende mythes en interessante feiten

Verloopt Himalayazout?

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When it comes to Himalayan salt, there are a few questions that come to everyone’s mind. Does Salt Ever Expire? Can Himalayan salt go bad? Does Himalayan salt taste different over time?

It’s a commonly held idea that salt generally doesn’t expire, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money for a nice, big jar of edible Himalayan salt you bought a few years ago and rarely used. However, it is also a fact that Himalayan salt with additives is more susceptible to the best before date than the salt that exists in its pure form.

Does salt ever expire? Yes it does! But not in the case of pure rock salt only if we take good care of it.

Natural Himalayan Salt is extracted from the rocky mines in the ancient Himalayan Mountains. This salt takes years to reach the crystalline form in which it is made available to us. However, table salt infused with various chemicals usually has a five-year shelf life, as it is more susceptible to bacteria and yeast.

Himalayan salt is used in various ways in our daily life. One of the most common uses is in skin care and health products. Apart from these, this salt is also used by many people in cooking. Its antiseptic properties make it an integral part of many inhalers and rejuvenating and refreshing health products.

Himalayan salt is only sourced in Pakistan and sourced from limited parts of the world. So, if you are wondering about the expiration of Himalayan pink salt, then your wait is over as we are going to answer just that and much more related to it.

Brief introduction to the expiration date of rock salt

Himalayan salt is a mineral extracted from the Khewra salt mines and exists in the form of pink crystals. But very few people know that this salt takes years to reach its crystalline form, extending the shelf life of the rock salt.

The purest Himalayan pink salt can last up to 250 million years without expiring. Therefore, it is quite possible to store Himalayan salt if you keep it away from moisture and heat, which are the two main reasons for bacterial growth. This concept applies not only to Himalayan salt in crystalline form, but also to Himalayan salt lamps and other products made from this salt.

The bulk rock salt used to manufacture such lamps can only decay if proper care is not taken. The rock salt crystals used to make these lamps absorb moisture from the atmosphere when the lamp is on. Due to this hygroscopic process, the rock salt crystals of the lamp become wet and it is therefore advisable to store your lamp in a dry environment.

Does pink Himalayan salt expire?

When the salt is in its purest form, it can last a million years without decaying. However, if it has some additives in it or if it is exposed to too much moisture or heat, it may spoil prematurely. Therefore, some measures should be taken to prevent the salt from running out too early.

How do you prevent Himalayan salt from aging ?

The first and most important thing is to avoid buying salt that contains additives. This is important because it prevents the rock salt crystals from progressing too quickly.

1- Keep salt away from moisture

Since we know that moisture and heat promote bacterial growth, salt should therefore be kept away from both moisture and heat. Even if it is not in crystalline form and you have it in the form of another product or lamp, you should still keep it away from moisture and heat. Also, always keep your salt clean and dry and away from dust particles.

2- Store salt properly

Another way to save your Himalayan pink salt from its expiration date is to store it properly. Normally people place their salt pots in the kitchen where there is a lot of moisture and heat due to humidity. The water molecules present in the atmosphere are absorbed by salt crystals as Himalayan salt is hygroscopic.

Therefore, Himalayan rock salt crystals or any other product of this salt should be stored in a cool and dry place. An airtight container proves to be an excellent choice to store Himalayan salt for long periods of time and if you put salt in an open bowl then you need to make sure you use it within a few days and don’t keep it outside for too long as it can go bad.

Can Himalayan salt go bad?

Yes, like any other salt, Himalayan salt can also spoil, but only if proper measures are not taken. Over time, the taste can certainly spoil and this is due to the dust particles and bad smell it picks up from the atmosphere.

This is another reason to store your salt in an airtight container and store it in a dry place to prevent it from spoiling.

How do you know if the salt has expired?

The Himalayan salt is sustainable and generally does not expire if you take the right measures. But if you use it in powder form it can form hard clumps and bunches and this usually happens from exposure to moisture. So it is necessary to check the salt before using it and also the appearance and taste.

Bottom Line

Himalayan salt does not expire if kept in a cool and dry place away from dust and pollutants. It can last hundreds of years.



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