Himalaya zout geschiedenis

Himalaya zout geschiedenis

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Himalayan pink salt is gaining popularity among fitness and health freaks worldwide. It is increasingly being used as a substitute for table salt in many homes and is likely to become a household name fairly quickly. If you are not sure why this salt is so popular, you will know for sure at the end of this article. To begin with, let’s talk about the history of Himalayan salt to better understand why it is different.

Origin Himalayan salt – How it all started

The mesmerizing pink and white crystals of Himalayan salt have a history dating back 200-300 million years when they were dissolved in the waters of ancient oceans. These oceans dried up over time, leaving this rock salt behind as deposits.

The location of these salt deposits is near where the Himalayan range stands today, the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. Over time, this salt has maintained its natural purity, thanks to the mountainous region that has sealed it from chemicals and pollutants. This is why Himalayan pink salt is now one of the purest natural salts known to man.

A super ingredient

For people living in the Himalayan region, salt was not big news. They have always used it as a food additive and to preserve foods such as meat and fish. Salt also became a popular ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine because of its supposed healing powers.

It is said that pink Himalayan salt was labeled “white gold” by alchemists who understood its true value. This salt is also called ‘King Salt’ or ‘Salt of Life’.

To maintain its purity, this salt is extracted by hand from its natural reserves in the Khewra Salt Mines and is free from additives or preservatives such as those present in regular table salt.

Benefits of Himalayan salt

Salt has been generally used as part of food and medicine since ancient times. Himalayan rock salt has many more besides these benefits. Claims about the therapeutic properties of this salt are becoming more popular every day. Here are some of the much talked about benefits of rock salt.


Regular table salt consists of sodium and chloride, along with artificially added iodine. It is also refined and thoroughly processed before it reaches you.

Pink Himalayan salt, on the other hand, is holistic. In addition, it can be a healthy component of food due to its huge amount of 84 element content . Among these elements are also many trace elements that are essential for health.

Relief from allergies and respiratory problems

Himalayan pink salt is said to be beneficial for respiratory and breathing disorders. It can also help relieve symptoms of asthma, eczema and other allergic conditions.

For health, energy and general well-being

For electrolyte balance, body water regulation and numerous other health aspects, this rock salt can prove to be regulating and very beneficial. Drinking just a small amount of water early in the morning has been linked to improved mineral levels and increased energy levels throughout the day. Some say this is because pink Himalayan salt crystals contain the potential energy of the sun and earth that has been soaked over billions of years.

What is Trending?

Do you want to know how to use Himalayan pink rock salt? You are definitely in for a surprise. This versatile gift of nature is used for many purposes in everyday life.

Himalayan salt chambers and walls for a therapeutic spa experience

Whether made of rock salt bricks entirely or with only panels of Himalayan salt, these salt chambers and walls are an emerging trend in spas and even homes. This is to create the effect of being in a salt cave in the Himalayas, a cleansing experience that is said to be great for a wide variety of issues from breathing problems to depression. You can build salt chambers in your home to enjoy a spa-like feeling anytime.

Himalayan rock salt blocks for cooking

The latest trend in gourmet cooking is to cook food over a block of rock salt !

Hearty dishes such as steak can easily be placed and cooked over the grill salt plates . This will give you the best taste and nutrition.

Himalayan pink salt for skin care

More and more DIY beauty recipes are using Himalayan salt for its skincare benefits. All-natural deodorants made at home from Himalayan salt are a great substitute for harmful aluminum-containing products commonly available for the same purpose. This salt is said to have astringent and antibacterial properties, which can make it an effective deodorizing ingredient.


Yes, this salt can also be used in the preparation of relaxing and detoxifying bath salts mixed with your favorite essential oils for extra skin nutrition!

This rock salt can also be used as a body scrub. It can increase blood circulation and fight cellulite under the skin. Himalayan salt wraps are also said to be effective for weight loss by reducing water retention and minimizing bloating.

Himalayan Salt Decoration Pieces

Himalayan salt lamps are a great source of relaxation! These unique decor items are said to release negative ions, known as vitamins of the air. It is said that negative ions have the potential to remove dust, pollen and dander from the air. They can neutralize harmful positive ions around you that are regularly released by electronic devices that are often present in your environment.

In addition, salt lamps are said to be great reliefs from depression, anxiety, respiratory ailments, migraines, insomnia, and even joint problems!

Salt candle holders are also great for decorating your space. These holders are 100% natural and give off a very seductive glow.

Some final words

Now that you know the history of Himalayan salt and have a good idea of ​​the benefits of Himalayan salt, you can take full advantage of this unique salt. In this over-industrialized era, there is hardly anything quite as pure as Himalayan rock salt. Its multifunctional nature has made it more popular than ever.

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