How To Prepare Salt Scrubs With Himalayan Pink Salt?

Salt Scrubs

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We all might have heard about the benefits of replacing traditional white salts with pink ones; if yes, you may also read about some of the reasons. On one side, salt is one of the basic ingredients of food, while on another side, it can exploit your skin to remove dead cells and debris. The first use of the pink task is a relatively common one, but its use as a body scrub needs more awareness. So in this post, we will primarily discuss the use of pink salt as salt scrubs, its benefits, and ways to make it at home.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs:

Pink salt in its purest form is good to help your skin give a shiny texture by nourishing and replenishing it. Originally, Himalayan pink salts were extracted from ancient salt mines in the ocean’s depths. Like other salts, pink salt is also a rock salt (halite) that appears pink only due to the presence of trace minerals (iron oxide traces), which are usually extracted to turn it into white salt. When these salt rocks are ground, their granular texture makes them great for use as a body scrub. Yes, but granules of salt cannot be directly applied to your skin, as it may cause dehydration (of course, it may deprive your skin of its essential moisture by osmosis). So, Himalayan salt scrubs combine pink salts with other ingredients such as lavender scents, essential or coconut oils, jojoba oil, and lemon extract to keep skin healthy and shiny. Individually all these ingredients have skincare benefits as lemon removes skin tanning, coconut oil prevents skin from dehydration, and pink salt gives the necessary friction to slough away dull-looking dead skin cells.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs Benefits:

Himalayan salt scrubs help remove skin tan by removing the dry or dead skin cells. In the meanwhile, it also provides some other benefits, such as:

  1.  Allow Skin To Absorb Moisturizers Better: Due to granules, salt scrubs help by removing the thin layer of dead cells, allowing only the healthy dermal cells to observe the moisture. Even in any professional facial treatment, scrubbing is always followed by moisturizing steps as it allows moisture to better soak into the skin.
  2.  Help Give Smoother And Even Skin Tone: The salt scrub remove all deal cells responsible for dull and tired skin. Cracked texture and patchy skin, despite of good skincare routine, never let your skin look smoother. The salt scrub is a solution to all these problems; in other words, it gives skin smoother and even skin tone. Additionally, pink salt scrubs enhance skin brightening by fading the acne scars.
  3.  Antibacterial Activity: Salts are antibacterial, so they are extremely helpful in maintaining skin hygiene, further preventing itchiness.

Methods To Form Himalayan Salt Scrubs At Home:

It has never been so easy to get silky smooth skin in both hot and cold weather. Thanks to salt scrubs that have made it possible without being heavy on your pocket. The salt scrubs can be prepared easily by following a few simple steps:

Ingredients Required To Prepare Salt Scrubs Homemade:

  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils such as Orange oil or Olivem 1000
  • Lavender oil
  • Glycerin
  • D-panthenol
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Allantoin
  • Vitamin E

Apparatus For Making Salt Scrubs:

  • Air-tight jar
  • Spoon
  • Mixing bowl
  • Measuring cylinders and digital scales

Recipe For Making This Scrub:

Making this type of scrub is incredibly simple and the following protocol will be extremely helpful in making it:

  1. Melt The Saturated Oils: Put the olivem 1000 flakes and coconut oil into a medium-sized glass jar and air-tight it by covering it with a lid. Later, place a half water-filled saucepan on medium flame, once the water starts boiling. Let the jar over there unless both ingredients fully melt.
  2. Add Other Ingredients Into A Glass Bowl: Add Himalayan pink salt into a jar and add all oils one after the other. Make sure you never stop stirring the mixture while adding oils, as stirring is essential to give a good texture to your scrub. However, it will also guide you on whether you need to put in more drops of the coconut or other skin glowing oils.
  3. Select Scent For Your Scrub: Though scent has no connection with the skin brightening, exploiting, and moisturizing properties of scrub, it is good so you may feel fresh or energized. So, add a few drops of lavender oils into the prepared mixture that can now be named salt scrub.
  4. Pack Into An Air-tight Jar And Store At Room Temperature: Add the final product into a container and also add other remaining but optional ingredients into the storing jar. Use the twist seal jar, place it into your bathroom cabinet, and apply it to the full body to get silky smooth skin at home.

How To Use Salt Scrubs?

As per experts’ views, excessive scrubbing as well as rubbing can damage your skin. So, to help you in getting the benefits of salt scrubs, a proper protocol must be followed. Like:

  • Clean your face with lukewarm water for at least 10-15 minutes (it will soften the skin and open the pore)
  • Apply a small amount of Pink salt scrub gently on your wet face.
  • Gently massage in a circular motion onto the area where salt scrub is applied.
  • Thoroughly rinse your face and apply a good skin toner so the open pores can be quickly closed.


In the big picture, scrubs help only in exploiting skin but based on the added ingredients, the skin texture can be improved many folds. Unlike other types of scrubs, salt scrubs made by Himalayan Pink Salt have several added benefits, as explained earlier, so by following a simple recipe, you can turn your dream of having flawless skin into a reality. Remember one more thing: everything is not made for everyone, so if you feel irritated or react by any of its ingredients, you must feel free to skip or replace it with the one that suits you.

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