Himalayan Salt Vs Celtic Sea Salt – Differences & Benefits

Celtic Sea Salt

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What Is Salt?

Salt is an integral part of every cuisine around the world that its absence is highly noticed and it renders all the other flavors go ‘unnoticed’. It is one of the essential mineral components of a healthy diet, helping the body to perform vital functions. It is not only used as a seasoning to enhance the taste of food but has several other benefits. If you walk down the aisle at the supermarket displaying spices and flavorings, you will notice many types of salts sitting on the shelf. Choosing the one with maximum health benefits and minimum health risks is not as simple as it seems to be. Keep in mind that most of the salts available on the market are sea salts. Some are extracted directly from the sea while others are residual deposits of massive seawater evaporation. Considering how difficult it must be for a common man to choose the best suitable salt for their daily use, this article has been compiled. We have compared two salts in this article; the Himalayan salt and the Celtic sea salt.

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As mentioned earlier, most of the edible salts are either extracted from seawater or are remnants of the seawater.

The Himalayan salt is hand-extracted from the Khewra salt mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges falling in Punjab, a province of Pakistan. These salt mines are a result of massive sea evaporation that took place million years ago. A great shift in the tectonic plates landlocked the sea by mountains. 

The seawater evaporated with time, leaving behind huge deposits of mineral-rich salt. These salt deposits were protected by layers of mountains for centuries until they were discovered a few hundred years back.

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Celtic sea salt is harvested by hand in Brittany, France. The extraction method follows a 2000-year-old Celtic traditional technique. This technique involves the collection and evaporation of seawater in salt pans. This salt is known for its higher than usual moisture content and light grey color.

Difference Between Himalayan Pink Salt And Celtic Sea Salt

  • The pink Himalayan salt is known for its beautiful pink color with subtle hues of orange. This beautiful color is because of the presence of iron and as many as 84 trace minerals in the salt.
  • For years this miraculous salt has been kept protected under layers of mountains. While extracting it from the salt mines, extra care is taken to ensure its purity remains intact. All these factors qualify Himalayan salt as the purest salt present on this planet.
  • The Celtic sea salt also called the grey salt has a light grey color with subtle hues of purple. This makes one wonder what is in Celtic sea salt? The Celtic salt contains traces of Magnesium that gives it a distinctive color. This salt contains 13% of moisture which is a lot when compared to 0.026% residual moisture found in the Himalayan salt. 
  • Celtic sea salt contains 34 trace minerals however, some beneficial minerals are added to the salt while refining. This grey salt contains 33% of sodium as compared to Himalayan salt which contains 98% sodium chloride. The lower sodium concentration is because of the presence of brine water in Celtic sea salt.
  • Both the salts differ in taste as well. Himalayan salt has a strong mineral touch to it whereas Celtic sea salt has a hint of briny flavor.

Celtic sea salt

Himalayan salt vs Celtic sea salt

Let us now compare all the factors one by one to know which salt is superior to the other in which aspect. This will help in solving common questions bombarding your mind like;

Is Himalayan salt better than Celtic sea salt?


Is Celtic salt good for you?

a)  Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Himalayan pink salt is jam-packed with health benefits. A lot of people call it the miracle salt. For many years, several doctors have associated many health risks with salt intake. Thankfully, a lot of people still believe in the importance of salt for the proper functioning of the human body organs. Constant research and studies prove how beneficial salt is for the human body.

Himalayan salt takes the lead here over the common table salt readily available in the market. The pink salt is free from any additives and has the right amount of minerals that are already present in the human body. These minerals are very important to keep the human body in optimum working order.

Some of the health benefits associated with Himalayan salt are:

  • Some of the health benefits associated with Himalayan salt are:
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves blood circulation
  •  Helps the intestines in absorbing nutrients
  • Prevents goiter
  •  Helps in removing toxins
  •  Balances blood pressure
  •  Helps in smooth metabolism
  • Regulates water content in cells
  • Increases hydration
  • Creates electrolyte balance
  •  Balances the alkaline levels and controls acidity
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Supports thyroid and adrenal function
  • Helps in overall hormonal balance
  • Makes adequate stomach acid
  • Helps in reducing signs of aging

b)  Health Benefits Of Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt has many healing benefits because it helps to balance out minerals in the human body. It also helps in:

  • Getting rid of excessive mucus from the body. This helps in clearing out your lungs and nasal passages from congestion.
  •  Reducing water retention
  •  Boosting the immune system
  •  Lowering down and normalizing acidic levels
  • Quick healing from injuries
  • Improving heart health
  • Stabilizing blood sugar
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Preventing muscle cramps
  • Preventing kidney stones
  • Controlling the production of saliva

c)  Uses Of Himalayan Salt

There are numerous ways to use Himalayan salt to reap its benefits. Some of these uses are:

  • Air purifiers: Salt lamps are used as air purifiers. These salt lamps attract moisture from the air. Along with the moisture, allergens, pollens, dust, and dander are also attracted and locked inside the lamp.
  • Salt sole: This is the solution of Himalayan salt in water. It is known for its many health benefits.
  • Salt in the kitchen: It can be used in cooking, serving, and grilling as a salt block/plate in the kitchen
  • Salt inhalers: Himalayan salt inhalers are used for curing chronic respiratory ailments.
  • Bath salt: Himalayan bath salt and scrubs are extensively used in beauty spas to give you glowing and healthy skin.

d)  Uses Of Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt’s vital mineral blend makes it very useful in a variety of ways:

  • If you are suffering from congestion in your lungs and stuffy nose, take Celtic sea salt before going to bed for sound sleep. You will wake up with a clear nasal passage and fresh breath.
  • If you suffer from bloating and water retention, consider taking Celtic sea salt before going to bed. It will surely relieve you of these symptoms.
  •  If you know anyone who drools, Celtic sea salt is the right thing for them.
  • Gargle with Celtic sea salt and water to cure a sore throat.
  •  To cure your wounds soak yourself in a Celtic sea salt bath.

If you think any of these salts ought to end up in your pantry, add them to your shopping list right away.

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