Himalayan Salt Massage Balls Benefits & User Guide

Salt Massage Balls

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Today’s fast-paced life gets too tiring. It sucks the energy and vitality out of us and leaves us dull, tired, and lifeless. We need to relax and recoup the loss of energy to feel rejuvenated. The relaxation boosts the energy in our bodies and minds so that we can feel a positive change in our daily life. The current rage in the massage world is that of reaping the benefits of the Himalayan salt massage ball. The very thought of a relaxing massage is soothing. Imagine melting away your tensions, stress, and body aches with a massage that is done with hot salt massage balls. To double the effects, these salt massage balls are made up of Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt has been popular for its healing properties since ancient times.

What Are Himalayan Salt Massage Balls?

These massage balls are made of Himalayan pink salt. Himalayan salt comes from the salt mines located in Pakistan. These salt mines are situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas.

Himalayan salt is known to be the purest salt on this planet. It is hand-extracted from the salt mines. These salt mines are a result of massive sea evaporation due to some natural geological shifts that took place million years ago. 

For years the salt reserves left behind were protected by the great Himalayas. The sea salt, enriched with as many as 84 trace minerals is jam-packed with healing and nutritional benefits. 

You can use salt in many ways. Keep it around the house as salt lamps, use it in your meals, in your salt inhalers, or as a bath salt.

Himalayan Salt Stone Benefits

Himalayan pink salt has been in use for ages to enhance healing. People have been frequenting the salt caves for the treatment of respiratory ailments and chronic skin disorders.

Today, specially shaped Himalayan massage stones or balls are popularly being used for hot stone massage.

These massage stones provide various benefits such as:

salt massage ball

  • Himalayan salt is known to contain 84 trace minerals. These minerals are very helpful for the human body. When the body is massaged with the heated salt balls, these minerals are absorbed into the body, helping to replenish the loss of these minerals from the body.
  •  An excess of positive ions in the body induces inflammation. Himalayan salt balls help in balancing the excessive positive ions with the negative ions. This leads to reduced inflammation and relief from pain and swelling.
  • Himalayan salt balls help detoxify the skin and body and nourish them with beneficial minerals. These are known for being naturally antimicrobial.
  •  The skin feels smooth and nourished as it is exfoliated by the stone massage.
  •  The hot stone massage helps in relaxing the body. It sends a signal to the system that turns off the stress mode and switches to the relaxation mode. In this way, the therapists can identify and concentrate on the problematic areas of the body.

How To Use Hot Stones For Massage?

Using the Himalayan stones for a hot stone massage is no rocket science. Therapists heat the stones and use warm stones as an extension of their hands.

During massage therapy, several Himalayan salt massage stones or balls are placed at particular trigger points of your body. These stones relax the points and allow the energy to flow smoothly. Some of these points are the joints, the spinal cord, and the palm of your hands.

Swedish massage techniques are used to apply pressure with hot stones to different areas of the body.

Some of the salt balls or stones used are slightly pointed at the tips which help in applying pressure in the trouble areas.

The stone massage not only relaxes aching and stressed muscles but also helps in balancing the body’s electromagnetic field. These stones can align the energy pathways of the body and balance the nervous system because of their natural resonant frequency.

How To Clean Himalayan Salt Massage Stones?

If you have gotten your hands on the trending salt massage stones, you might be wondering how to use them.

The first thing is to prepare them before the first massage. For this, rinse the stones with warm water, pat them dry and then apply massage oil to the stones. Let them sit so that the oil gets absorbed. Now, the stones are ready to use.

After you are done with the massage regime, clean the stones properly before storing them. Boil them for 5-10 minutes in water and ideally use a disinfectant with it.

How To Heat Himalayan Salt Massage Stones?

Before using the stones for massage, you need to heat them. Doing this makes sure not to cause any damage to the stones. The best option for heating the massage stones is through a stone heater. 

But, you can do the same in boiling water in a crock-pot. Just ensure that the heating is set at a medium setting. Arrange the stones properly at the base of the pot so that the heating is carried out evenly.

The ideal water for this is seawater but tap water with sea salt added to it can also be used.

The ideal temperature of the salt stone should be warm which is nearly hot and comfortable to handle.

Himalayan Salt Spiritual Properties

Considering this treatment on a spiritual level, it leaves you spiritually calm and peaceful. The magnetic properties of this salt help in attracting positive energies and drawing away negative vibes. 

Take this massage on the regular basis to experience the maximum benefits of this massage.

Other than this, pink salt is said to have similar properties as those of the Rose Quartz which is called the crystal of love. It induces self-love in people.

For centuries Himalayan rock salt has been used for protection against the evil eye. It also helps in releasing attachments, particularly emotional attachments.

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