Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Guide

Salt Lamp care

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Besides decoration, one of the primary purposes of the Himalayan salt lamps is to improve the air quality. Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your living or master bedroom helps in producing the negative ions to neutralize the harmful positive ions emitted by the electronics such as TVs, microwaves, laptops, and refrigerators. However, taking proper care of salt lamps is essential to increase their lifespan and enjoy their therapeutic effects without any hindrance.

Read the following ultimate guide about the Himalayan salt lamp care and effective cleaning techniques. So, let’s get started:

How To Care For Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Just like any other thing, Himalayan pink salt lamps also need your attention and care to ensure their longevity. Here are some simple yet effective care tips you need to follow to keep your salt lamp in good condition for a long time.

  1. First of all, buy authentic Himalayan salt lamps made with 100% natural Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan. Due to their increased demand, many vendors have started selling fake salt lamps. So check for a real salt lamp while purchasing.
  2. Make sure to provide the right electricity voltage to the bulb of the salt lamp. High voltage can cause the bulb to diffuse.
  3. Make sure to get the best Himalayan salt lamp that has a secure dimmer switch and wiring.
  4. Always make sure to properly plug the switch of the lamp.
  5. Place the lamps away from children to avoid any mishaps.
  6. You can place the salt lamp in a room with higher moisture levels allowing the lamp to absorb the moisture. However, it doesn’t mean placing the salt lamp in a humid and damp environment as it can lead to leaking.
  7. Salt lamps work by drawing moisture from the surroundings so avoid placing them in wet areas of the home like the bathroom, patio, or lawn. In a highly humid environment, the lamp can get damp, in such case simply wipe the surface of the lamp with a microfiber cloth. You can also turn it on to evaporate the moisture.
  8. You should never use running water to wash the lamp as the salt will dissolve in the water. Always use a soft damp cloth to clean it.
  9. To prevent the Himalayan salt lamp from leaking, keep it on for a long time or you can also use moisture absorbers in the room.

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Tips To Prevent Salt Lamp Leaking

Why is my salt lamp leaking? It’s a fairly common issue highlighted by many salt lamp owners. The Himalayan salt lamps are essentially hygroscopic, meaning they attract moisture from the surrounding based on the humidity levels of the region.

However, if you turn off the salt lamp for an extended period, the extracted moisture starts dripping from the lamp. Also, if the water keeps leaking and you don’t dry the lamp, it can lead to an electrical hazard or a fire risk.

The simplest way to prevent or stop the leaking is to turn on the Himalayan pink salt lamp. However, if the moisture doesn’t drip, you need to use a bigger light bulb to keep the salt warm. Also, you can place floating candles around the salt lamp to keep the lamp base warm and dry.

If you are traveling and you won’t be able to turn on the salt lamp, it’s better to cover it with an airtight plastic bag to prevent moisture absorption. Also, placing the salt lamp on a plastic plate is better than ruining your wooden table.

How To Clean Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The salt lamp attracts the air containing pollutants, bacteria, and other allergens. Moreover, when the water evaporates due to the bulb’s heat, the harmful bacteria and residue remain on the salt lamp.

That’s why cleaning the Himalayan salt lamp using a damp or dry cloth multiple times during the week is essential. You can follow these steps to clean the pink Himalayan salt lamp:

  1. First, you must switch off the salt lamp and let it cool till it reaches room temperature.
  2. You should use a damp but not wet microfiber cloth to wipe the lamp surface and remove dirt and dust.
  3. It’s best to use a lint-free cloth, so it doesn’t leave any residue on the lamp.
  4. Finally, you can turn on the lamp to dry it and remove the excess moisture.

salt lamp care

How To Clean Salt Lamp Residue?

Using a high-intensity bulb in a salt lamp coupled with an extremely dry climate makes the salt lamp lose water molecules that can cause flaking. As a result, you see the salt lamp shedding salt residues around the base.

You don’t need to worry as you can use a damp cloth to wipe the salt lamp and remove the residue. Also, you can turn on the lamp during the day and switch it off at night to maintain moisture balance and prevent over-dryness or vice versa. It is best to keep it on for almost 16 hours. Don’t worry, salt lamps don’t consume much energy. You can buy salt lamps of different sizes according to the dimensions of the room.

Too much moisture leakage causes the salt lamp to crumble and degenerate. In such a case, you must disassemble the salt lamp, remove the bulb, and place it in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to dry it out completely.

salt lamp care


The key takeaway of the above guide is to help you keep your lamp safe and provide you with simple techniques to clean the pink salt lamp and prevent it from leaking or crumbling. The Himalayan salt lamps can last very long if properly cleaned and handled.

It’s best to keep the Himalayan salt lamp on throughout the day to cleanse and dehumidify the room air. Don’t worry; you can use a 7-15 watts bulb in the lamp which consumes less electricity to ensure power saving.

So, take good care of your Himalayan salt lamp and let it take care of your wellness in return.

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