Different Himalayan Salt Grain Size

Himalayan Salt Grain

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You will find salt in every household around the world. Any food is incomplete without salt and that is why it is an important part of every kitchen. It is an inexpensive ingredient that can take the flavor of any dish to another level within seconds.  

Among the different kinds of salts available in the market, Himalayan rock salt is very popular these days. It is due to its appealing pink color and mineral content. This natural salt is achieved by digging thousands of years old mines located only in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

This salt was formed due to the evaporation of seawater and kept buried under extreme pressure for centuries. Popularly known as a better alternative to processed regular white salt, it is an all-natural, unprocessed, chemicals, and additives-free salt. This precious salt has a wonderful pinkish color due to the minerals.

Himalayan pink salt is versatile in application due to its availability in a variety of sizes. Before going into different grain sizes of salt, let’s find out why we need them?

Why Do We Need Different Grains Of Salt?

Every dish calls for different grain-sized salt, for example, you would never want the salt to lay on the bottom of popcorn or fries because of its coarse texture. You have to choose the right grain of salt to evenly distribute on popcorn and enjoy it thoroughly. Food and cooking type will decide which size of a grain of salt should be used for it.

Different Himalayan Salt Grain Size

Himalayan rock salt crystal structure is due to the extreme pressure that it went through for centuries. It is hand mined in the form of large rocks that are then crushed into different grain sizes depending on the requirement. Pink Himalayan salt is primarily used for seasoning all dishes such as vegetables, meat, salads, pasta, eggs, stews, and many more.

Himalayan pink salt comes in many textures. There is a large crystalline form that has irregular crystals and then fine to medium. The different grain sizes do not affect the flavor of Himalayan salt at all. It just provides convenience in using salt for different purposes. Himalayan salt gives a very clean and subtle flavor to the dishes.

Other than cooking, this amazing salt is also used as bath salt in spas for drawing hot detoxifying baths and also as exfoliating body and face scrub.

Let’s dig into different grain sizes of Himalayan salt in detail and find out which grain size is suitable for which purpose.

Extra Fine Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is pulverized into very fine evenly-shaped particles. It has more of a powdery texture. As mentioned above, popcorn salt should be different from regular granular salt. It should be extra fine to stay on the popcorn so that you can enjoy it.

Extra fine Himalayan pink salt can be used as finishing salt and to sprinkle on popcorn or fries. Extra fine salt is perfect for baking because of its precision to measure.

Fine Himalayan Pink Salt

Out of all the types of grain sizes of Himalayan rock salt, the most commonly used form is fine grain. Unlike medium and coarse Himalayan salt which requires a grinding mill, fine salt is ready to use for seasoning. It is best suitable for seasoning regular meals.

It can be used to make the brine, to season meat or vegetables, as an ingredient in soups, marinades, and chutneys, and on the rims of cocktails or shot glasses for presentation purposes.

Fine salt can be used to make salt baths and scrubs that remove all the dirt, toxins, and excess oil off the skin and make it smooth and bright.

Medium Grain Himalayan Salt

Medium grain salt excels as part of other herbs and spices in grinders to add to different delicacies. Medium grains retain the natural beauty of Himalayan salt while protecting the texture of each grain. You can display it in the kitchen for its beauty. It can also be used to rub on larger cuts of meat and vegetables.

Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt

Coarse Himalayan salt has a larger grain size than other types. Due to the large crystals and rough texture, it is perfect for koshering the meat because large grains do not permeate food easily.

Himalayan coarse pink salt is perfect for grinding mills to freshly crush it over steaks, salads, or fruits. You can also place Himalayan salt grinders on the dining table for seasoning meals.

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan salt chunks are hand mined and kept in the same shape to retain their natural form. The large chunks are used to make salt lamps by fitting a bulb inside the hole.

Small chunks are used to make sole water by letting them soaked in water overnight. Then, mix half a teaspoon of this saturated solution in a glass of water and drink in the early morning.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right grain of salt for your dishes will enhance the gastronomic experience and give you perfection in food. Only a little sprinkle of Himalayan salt can make your meals tempting and flavorsome.

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