Himalayan salt Decor Pieces For Home & Office

Himalayan salt Decor

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Decorating a home involves more than just purchasing new furnishings, changing curtains, or painting the walls a new color. It is about designing cozy living areas. A home can reveal a lot about its owner. You can update your home with new decoration pieces while retaining previous features like curtains, paint, furniture, etc. If you are looking for some amazing decor items that are not just pocket friendly but also change the look of your home instantly then this article is just for you.

We are going to share some amazing decor items that are all-natural and environmentally friendly. These decor items are made with Himalayan pink salt and include salt lamps, candle holders, night light lamps, and fire bowls. Himalayan salt decor items are for those who are on a shoestring budget but want the best results. Let’s see how these salt decoration items can uplift the decor of your home.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Switch ordinary lamps with natural salt lamps made with pure Himalayan rock salt. These lamps are different from other lamps you might have in your home. These lamps have immense decorative value even when they are off. Their impressive shape and orange-pink color radiate beauty anywhere you place them. 

Place them beside your bed if you want to add an instant refreshing touch to your bedroom. You can place one or more salt lamps on the center table, shelves over cabinets, or in the corners of your living room and office. Himalayan salt lamps provide wellness benefits while gracing your place with their glow. They function as air purifiers by removing dust, dander, and odor from the surroundings. You can choose different sizes of salt lamps for different areas of the home.

USB Lamps

In case you don’t want to place a big-sized Himalayan salt lamp on your study table, get the USB salt lamps. These small lamps come with a USB cable and port that you can connect to your computer or laptop. USB lamps look like little pieces of the glowing sun. They also provide an ionizing effect by releasing negative ions to clean the air. They cast a subtle light that is so gentle on the eyes while also stimulating a calming impact on the mind. You can take these lamps anywhere with you and enjoy their glowing beauty.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Glow up your place with Himalayan salt candle holders that offer more than just holding the candles. These candle holders are hand carved with Himalayan rock salt into beautiful shapes and sizes. Lighting up these Himalayan salt tea light holders enhances the good energies around you. These salt votives will add warmth and coziness to your home decor. These will make you adorn your indoor space with their stunning amber-pink glow.

You can place regular candles or scented tea lights in these candle holders and create the ideal ambiance in your place. Place them in the spa, near a bathtub, yoga area, or bedroom to enjoy their radiant glim. You can also relish your dinner time by placing some of the salt candle holders on the dining table.

Fire Bowls

Don’t be shocked by the name of this decor item. This is called a fire bowl because of its ability to imitate a fire-like effect. This is made by carving Himalayan rock salt into the shape of a bowl. A bulb is placed in this salt bowl which is then covered with the pink salt chunks. When you switch on the bulb, it lights up the salt chunks or small round salt balls that give a bright orange-pink campfire glow hence called the fire bowl. These fire bowls are wonderful decoration pieces that look amazing in any area you place them in.

Night Light Lamps

Another decor item made with pure pink Himalayan salt is the night light lamp. Instead of using ordinary lights, use these Himalayan salt night lights that not only light up the dark hours of the night but also add up to the beauty of your room. You can use these lamps on stairs, hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms as night lights. Having them in your bedroom will help to calm your nerves. Their soft amber glow is so gentle on the eyes that will help you sleep peacefully.

Iron Basket/Wooden Basket

Different shapes and sizes of baskets made of iron and wood filled with chunks of Himalayan salt serve as great decor items. A bulb is fitted in the basket that is covered with salt chunks. When you turn on the bulb, the salt chunks glow to create a welcoming environment. You can place these decor baskets on the center table of your living room, shelves, cabinets, or side tables. Carefully designed iron and wooden basket lamps are available in round, square, or customized designs to suit every decor. 

Salt Walls

Himalayan salt walls are the latest trend in the interior design industry. You can install a ready-made salt tile panel or build a part of the wall with Himalayan pink salt tiles or bricks in any room you want. These salt tile panels are very sturdy and durable. You can easily customize them in different sizes and designs to perfectly incorporate them into your decor theme. You can backlight these salt walls by fitting bulbs in them that make the tiles light up with an orange-pink glow.

The stunning rock salt walls create a relaxing and serene environment. When you switch on the bulbs, they heat the salt bricks to produce negative ions. These ions reduce the harmful rays and airborne particles from the atmosphere and improve the quality of air around you. Himalayan salt walls can be a unique addition to the decor of your home and office.

Take Away

Himalayan salt home decor pieces are famous for their vibrant orange glow, exquisite design, and much-touted wellness benefits. They offer more than just decorating your place. Placing them in different areas of your home can enhance the decor of your place while providing you with wellness benefits.

Get these décor items and enjoy their incandescent and natural properties at your place. You can choose from a wide variety of salt decoration pieces in various shapes and sizes for every room according to your requirement.

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