Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ittefaq Salt, we work with a purpose. For us, this is not a profitable business opportunity but an opportunity by nature to play a little part in serving the environment and mankind.

Since the beginning, we have followed the guiding principles of serving humanity with loyalty and keeping people first. Following these key rules have brought us a long way in this journey. When the social responsibility efforts of businesses become part of the culture of a company, people take notice. These socially conscious companies are leading the charge in making the world a better place.

We are giving back to the community by:

  • Improving our labor policies
  • Engaging in fairtrade
  • Charitable giving to needy people
  • Volunteering for the betterment of the community
  • Following such corporate policies that benefit the environment

Responsible Trading

We are dedicated to building and maintaining good relations amongst our suppliers. Our reliable trading principles assist us in decision-making and guide us about prospective business opportunities. We help our employees to implement business values in conducting business activities. The employees need to understand the specific circumstances and respond accordingly for fair trading.
charitable giving

Improved Labor Policies

We strictly adhere to labor policies and work constantly to improve them. We are against any kind of exploitation of our workers’ whether it is physical, verbal, or psychological. We are against child labor and forced labor and take all required measures to ensure that these policies are maintained.


Charitable Giving

Ittefaq Salt has a long legacy of supporting and serving underserved communities. We are proud to say that we are one of the most generous companies in Pakistan when it comes to returning social favors. We truly believe we owe to give a part of what we have to society and we are doing so with all our heart and due diligence.

Cancer Care hospital

Cancer care hospital is a great initiative taken to save humans from the wrath of cancer. This hospital provides free treatment of cancer. It has a palliative ward, free radiation machines, mammography facilities and many more advanced features that help in the treatment of cancer.

Ittefaq salt is a proud contributor of charity to this noble cause. An effective cure for cancer is yet to be discovered by mankind, we are just playing our part in helping the sufferers as we can.

Ghazali Education Trust

Ghazali education trust is striving hard in bringing a chance to provide quality education to everyone, particularly to the people living in rural areas. It is by far the biggest non-profit educational services provider in Pakistan.

Ittefaq Salt has been lucky enough to be a part of this noble cause. Together with the efforts of Ghazali education trust and financial aids from the Ittefaq salt, today more than 97249 students that include the special children as well in 39 districts of Pakistan through a network of 669 schools are getting a quality education.

Life Care Charitable Trust

Lifecare charitable trust is a ray of hope in the lives of many Pakistani citizens who cannot afford to pay huge amounts of medical bills.

Ittefaq Salt is proud to mention its humble role of financial assistance in the form of charity to this hospital. We understand how the health and wellbeing of every family member contribute towards the flourishment of the whole family and we are aware of the unaffordable medical expenses. Our goal is to provide free medical aid to the deserving so they can serve the society in better health.