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The name of trust and credibility in the Himalayan salt industry. We are the Himalayan pink salt suppliers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

We are offering the highest quality Himalayan salt in bulk which is available in a wide variety of grain sizes. Himalayan salt is by far the purest form of the salt present on this planet.

himalayan bulk salt
Khewra Salt Mine

The Himalayan rock salt

Comes from the mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. Himalayan Salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals.

As for people who are concerned regarding the sustainability and extraction of this natural salt, it is extracted by hand using the old and established harvesting methods. 


Crystal Salt Granules - Light Pink

Size (mm): 2 – 5


Crystal Salt Granules - Medium Pink

Size (mm): 2 – 5


Crystal Salt Granules - Dark Pink

Size (mm): 2 – 5


Running Salt - White

Size (Mesh): 20 - 50


Crystal Salt Granules - White

Weight (mm): 2 - 5


Running Salt - Light Pink

Weight (Mesh): 20 - 50 


Running Salt - Medium Pink

Weight (Mesh): 20 - 50


Running Salt - Dark Pink

Weight (Mesh): 20 - 50

Bulk Himalayan Salt

Ittefaq Salt is one of the pioneering companies in the Himalayan salt industry. It was established in 1983 to provide people with nature’s gift of Himalayan rock salt. We are one of the largest producers, suppliers, exporters, and distributors of Himalayan Salt in Bulk quantity to over 70 countries around the globe. Being one of the largest pink salt distributors, we are dedicated to providing premium quality products to our customers at the best prices.

Our aim is to let everyone know about this beneficial gift of nature and provide the highest quality pink rock salt products to our valuable customers at the most competitive prices. Our Khewra salt wholesale prices are the best in the industry with the highest quality. We are providing our 100% natural and authentic bulk rock salt products to many other businesses, importers, wholesalers and large retailers in different regions of the world. We currently serve a wide range of industries related to food, spas, healthcare, and skincare products.

We wholesale Himalayan salt to over 65 countries across the world. We follow all the international quality standards and environmental laws to produce and export pink salt in bulk. We strive to stick to superior standards of product quality and safety in all operations. All the products are manufactured, packed, stored and delivered under safe and hygienic conditions to fulfill all the international standards.

As the premium Himalayan salt wholesaler in the world, we take so much care about each and every step taken to deliver our customers the best products. Every stage from mining to the final product is highly supervised under skilled professionals. We take the best salt from khewra salt mines located in the northern region of Pakistan. These mines are formed over millions of years from the evaporation of sea salt beds found within 200 to 300 miles of the Himalayan Mountains. These mines are known as the second-largest salt mines in the world. As the salt reserves of these mines are estimated to be formed approximately 250 years ago so these are expected to provide salt for the next hundreds of years.

This salt is harvested from these mines by using traditional methods of extraction without the use of heavy machinery to preserve the actual crystalline structure of the salt. It is then converted into different grades of Himalayan salt, according to the needs of the customers, in our well-equipped and well-managed production facility. Our wholesale pink rock salt is available in different colors ranging from light pink to dark pink. We wholesale khewra salt in different grain sizes such as extra-fine, fine and coarse to fulfill the needs of every customer.

Our natural, authentic and certified products are the strength of the company. We never compromise on quality. Our strategic marketing policies, quality products and excellent services give us a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Every person who is involved in manufacturing the product is responsible for ensuring its quality. Our decade’s long experience, global presence and loyal customers are the proof of this. Our dedicated staff in every field works tirelessly to deliver exceptional value and customer service to each and every customer. We continuously look for new ideas and strategies to improve our services and deliver the superior product experience.

Our Himalayan salt is available in its raw crystalline form free from any additives and refining. This mineral rich salt is known for the attractive pink color which is due to its mineral profile that includes iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It has less sodium content than table salt due to which it is a better choice for consumption. Unlike table salt, it has multiple uses in the culinary, body and skin care industry.

It has an array of cooking and health benefits due to the presence of more than 80 essential minerals and elements in it. It is a more beneficial alternative to regular table salt that is normally used in cooking. It is very useful for your digestive system and maintaining pH level and electrolyte balance of the body. In the form of sole water, it detoxifies the body and provides essential minerals. In the form of bath salt, it rejuvenates the skin and revitalizes the body. Its healing properties are due to its all natural crystalline structure and protection from all environmental pollutants.

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