Best Himalayan Salt Lamp – How Is It Good For Your Home?

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

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You all must be aware of Himalayan salt lamps due to their growing popularity over the last decade. The environmental and health benefits associated with these lamps have increased their demand. These salt lamps are the latest trend in the interior design industry due to their diverse functionality. These are not just ordinary decoration items but create a warm and soothing ambiance at home. So, if you are thinking of buying salt lamps for your place then there are certain things that you should consider when purchasing the lamps. You should know how you can choose the best Himalayan salt lamp to enjoy its maximum benefits. You must be wondering what is the best Himalayan salt lamp? Well, in this article we will explain in detail the characteristics of the best salt lamp along with their well-studied benefits and why everyone should have these beauties in their homes.

What Is A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

These amber-colored salt lamps are made with Himalayan pink salt. This salt is hand-mined from the second-largest mines in the world, popularly known as khewra salt mines. These lamps are hand-carved into different shapes and sizes with so much care. A bulb is fitted inside a hollow cavity. When you turn on the bulb, the lamp gives off a warm glow.

These lamps provide various benefits so you should choose the best salt lamp for your place. While making a purchase, you should look for the following things in a salt lamp.

What Is The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The best salt lamp has to be authentic. It should be purely made with Himalayan salt crystals. It has to be of perfect size and shape. Another feature of the best salt lamp is the bulb which is the main part of any salt lamp.

Now, we will discuss in detail all these factors that make the best Himalayan salt lamp to avail of its numerous benefits.

Size Of Himalayan Salt Lamp

The best thing about these salt lamps is that they are available in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large. Their weight can vary from 1 kg to 50 kg. Though lamps of all sizes provide numerous benefits, you can choose any size according to your wish. 

It is recommended to choose small ones for a small room and large lamps for big rooms. For example, for the living room, a large Himalayan salt lamp would be perfect. For small-sized rooms such as bedrooms, studies, or nurseries, a small salt lamp can be used. For places like the kitchen or office room, you can choose a medium-sized salt lamp.

To make it easier for you, here is the size guide which is based on the weight of the lamp and the size of the room in meters. For a room of 3×3 meters, a salt lamp of 2 to 3 kg is perfect. For a room of 4×4 meters, a salt lamp of 5 to 7 kg would be suitable. For a bigger room of 10×10 meters, a large salt lamp of 20 to 30 kg will be perfect.

But again, it all depends on you whether you want a large salt lamp or two to three small or medium-sized lamps for a big room.

Best Quality Himalayan Salt Lamp

To reap the maximum benefits of these incredible salt lamps you should buy an authentic Himalayan salt lamp from Pakistan. As mentioned above, these lamps are made with pure Himalayan salt which is only mined from salt mines located in Pakistan. So, lamps that are made with original and natural Himalayan pink salt are authentic Himalayan salt lamps.

The market is full of fake Himalayan salt lamps. You should be careful when buying a salt lamp. First of all, its color should be light pink with an orange tone. It should be made with Himalayan rock salt only.

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Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Right Bulb For The Lamp

Choosing the right bulbs for the Himalayan salt lamp is necessary to make them work effectively. The Himalayan salt lamp bulb can vary according to the size of the salt lamp. Also, a good bulb will make sure the lamp does not consume much energy.

A small or medium-sized lamp needs a bulb of 15 watts. A large or extra-large salt lamp requires a bulb of 25 watts. A lamp of a much larger size requires a bulb of 40 to 500 watts.

How Is Himalayan Salt Lamp Good For Your Home?

As we have discussed all the features of the best salt lamp now it’s time to find out why having a salt lamp at your place is good for your wellbeing.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp


Decoration Piece

A natural hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp is a unique decoration piece that can amp up the décor of any place in seconds. Their charming warm glow is enough to create a soothing atmosphere around you. These chiseled lamps can make your place very appealing.

These salt lamps are so versatile that they can adjust to any décor theme. The placement of Himalayan salt is very easy. You can place them in the bedroom, living room, nursery, study room, or office.

Air Purifier

Apart from these benefits, a pure Himalayan salt lamp is said to provide other benefits as well. These lamps are known for their air-purifying properties. These are made with pure Himalayan salt which is hygroscopic. 

When you light up the lamp, it attracts the water molecules from the air along with bacteria and dust. The heat of the lamp evaporates the water but the foreign particles remain on the surface of the lamp. This process helps in cleaning the air. This air cleaning property of Himalayan salt lamps makes them useful for your home.

Neutralize Air

These lamps are also said to release the negative ions that are known for their beneficial nature. These negative ions neutralize the air from harmful positive ions or electromagnetic pollution caused by electronics around us.

Other Health Benefits

These lamps are said to offer many health and wellness benefits as well. Due to their air-purifying property, they help to ease many respiratory conditions such as pollen allergy, cold, and cough.

Bottom Line

All these properties make Himalayan salt lamps different from other lamps available on the market. By choosing the quality salt lamp for your place, you can avail all these benefits. So, without wasting any time, go and buy these amazing Himalayan salt lamps and enjoy their warm relaxing glow.

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