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Himalayan Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can help you relax by energizing and elevating your mood with their warm glow. These ionizing lamps can purify the air with negative ions. They can help to relieve the symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions.

We produce Aroma Diffusers of different shapes & sizes having wooden base & plastic feet that can be fixed. These Aroma Diffusers come with a stainless steel oil burner where you can put your favorite essential oil.

Offering Himalayan Salt Products in Bulk 

We are a quality-driven supplier of Himalayan salt products. We also offer Himalayan salt foot detoxifier, Salt Inhaler, and Neti Pots in bulk. All these products are great for various health purposes. These products are made by strictly following the quality standards.

Himalayan salt foot detoxifying dome is great for removing toxins from the body through the feet. Whereas, Himalayan salt inhalers and Neti pots are used for treating breathing problems. Having these products can help with so many health conditions.

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