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A Vision Beyond Profit

How It Established A Legacy Since 1983

With a passion for sharing the blessings of nature with people around the world, Ittefaq Trading Co. DBA Ittefaq Salt was established in 1983. As a wholesale supplier, Ittefaq Salt strives to bring the purity and goodness of Himalayan pink rock salt to the world.

Over the years, our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and a secure supply chain allowed us to win the trust of domestic and overseas partners, and new heights for our business. 

Our team of 300+ trained professionals works tirelessly to ensure the finest quality products throughout the process from mining to manufacturing and supply while remaining in compliance with international standards.

About Us
our vision

Our Vision

At Ittefaq Salt we take pride in being a business that cares for its customers and creates a healthy environment through its natural products. That's the reason businesses trust us as an authority to unlock the goodness of Himalayan Pink Salt products.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness about the benefits of Himalayan salt and provide an extensive range of premium quality Himalayan pink rock salt products.

Javed Ahmad Bhatti

CEO Message

Javed Ahmad Bhatti

Over 40 years ago, in 1983, we founded Ittefaq Trading Co. to extract 100% natural, unadulterated Himalayan Pink Salt from the Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan. Our country is blessed to be the largest and only source of pink salt in the world. Hence, we have a long-standing vision of making Himalayan Salt easily accessible to the whole world with all of its goodness.

From the beginning, our goal has remained simple: to produce high-quality salt products and distribute them worldwide to individual customers and businesses. We focus on providing Quality Customer Service. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our customers’ loyalty. Our highly automated production facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a professional workforce helps to meet your demand on time with rigorous quality control at each stage. 

We have recently implemented new research, along with our valued customers’ feedback who have seen us grow leaps and bounds from what we used to be. We have developed an exclusive range of products with extensive research and analyzing our customers’ demands.

Our hard-working team works tirelessly to ensure that none of our customers’ needs go unheard. We intend not just to earn profit but to be your partner in success. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction and work for mutual growth and profitability.